Plan Approvals and Private Certifiers

Let us take the hassle, cost and confusion out of your building permits and town planning approvals.
We deal with regulatory authorities, including Sydney Water, Local Council, RFS for Bush Fire (BAL) Certificates and Heritage on your behalf. We handle all the details, planning reports, BASIX and application forms to save you the worry of trying to sort through all the red tape.

The Building Approval Specialists

All Plan Approvals is a family business dedicated to providing you with a unique, one-stop planning consent, drafting and design service. Having spent thousands of hours consulting with property owners, builders and consultants, our approval service aims to provide you with professional, speedy, yet affordable certifier and council approvals – from design concept to planning consent!

All Plan Approvals works to provide consistently high standards of professional conduct and expert advice. Whether you are renovating, extending or starting a new business, we can deliver the ideal solution for your building proposal for all council areas across New South Wales.

Our Mission

Fast, Efficient Planning Approvals

We’re your one-stop shop for building approvals

Planning consent can be a complicated process. There are rules about respecting neighbourhood character, achieving best urban design outcomes, enhancing local amenity and protecting heritage significance. This means your Council and the community are looking for development proposals that meet community expectations. So, getting the right professional advice from the start is vital. It will help your proposed development achieve both council's expectations and your own building needs.

All Plan Approvals specialise in building approval, private certifier and town planning services. And, because we specialise in planning approvals, we're set up to be highly cost-effective and efficient. We listen and work closely with you. We bring together your vision with our years of knowledge and experience with the aim of achieving your property development goals. We believe careful planning and attention to detail ensures timely, yet affordable results for your home or business.

We guide your project through the entire planning approval process. Our team prepares and lodges your architectural plans, reports and submission documents on your behalf. Let us deal with all the time-consuming paper-work so you don't have to!

Your Complete Peace of Mind!

Getting started with your planning approvals is super easy

We manage council approval, planning and building certificates for you

And, for your complete peace of mind, at each step, we provide you with progress updates, keeping you fully informed from planning concept to project completion. Our team of dedicated, experienced and qualified approvals specialists and certifiers work all across NSW. Friendly and efficient, we'll deal with all the confusing regulations and building codes so you can focus on what's important to you and your family or business.

Our goal is to obtain your development consent and planning approvals speedily, efficiently and without the huge cost or stress of dealing with all the red tape and government regulations. We work with your local council to make sure all application forms, planning reports and documentation are correctly provided. We manage the whole process for you, including architectural drawings, engineeering, Statement of Environmental Effects, Accessibility Reports, Waste Management Plans, storm water and flood plans and shadow diagrams.

We're your one-stop shop for building approvals. Feeling unsure about the whole planning process for your building project? We're here to take the stress off your hands. We don't just do private certifier and Complying Development Certificates.We can handle all the plans, council reports, bushfire, flood, heritage, Sydney Water, application forms and permits that you need to get your building approvals, on time and on budget.
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We aim to make your planning approvals process efficient, fast and affordable. So, if the idea of getting building and planning permission for your project seems confusing and complex it could be because, in NSW there are nine different planning approval pathways! One of the first things we'll do is work with you to determine which assessment pathway is the right one for your development project.
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Ella Capple

Ella Capple

Planning Consultant
Your council will have their own specific requirements and checklists, so it’s important to provide the correct documentation for your permit application. The information depends on the proposal. Does it involve residential development, subdivision or heritage?
Samira Naser

Samira Naser

Accounts Manager
Need your planning permits, certification and local council applications done for you? Let the team at Building Approvals take the hassle, cost and confusion out of your building permits and town planning approvals. Get in touch with us today!
Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Town Planner
We handle all the regulatory details, planning reports, Statement of Environmental Effects, BASIX and submission forms for you so you can enjoy your new home, swimming pool or granny flat without the worry of trying to sort through all the red tape.