Want Affordable Building Approvals?

Council approval for house extensions

Are you thinking about building a new house? Or renovating? Maybe you need council approval for your new business premises? But you’re finding the whole planning process confusing. So many zoning regulations, development controls and building codes to consider.

So, why not get a planning policy expert who has a wealth of experience in dealing with Local Planning Authorities? Someone who can guide your project through the whole council approval process for you?

And, keep you fully updated at every stage of your application process? Someone who can provide you with a tailor-made service that can meet your expectations with a timely and cost effective service? It makes great sense because applying for a development application through Council for your property can be an overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming experience.

Here’s the good news! Getting your building approval doesn’t need to be painful. You will be guided throughout the entire planning approvals process by our experienced Consultants.

Whether you’re a business owner, restaurateur, builder or a home owner looking to commence trading, improve or extend your property, we can help you achieve your goals. And, by bringing on board our team of professional planning consultants right from the start, we can help save you valuable time, stress and money.

State zoning laws control what you, as a property Council approval for your home extension or renovationsowner, can do with your land. Whether you want to build a dual-occupancy, granny flat, a new swimming pool in your backyard or extend your home, you’ll need to apply for building permission.

The development application process can be really daunting if you’re new to the process. Here are are some of the applications we can help you with:

Building  Certificate for Unapproved Construction Works
Have you have found that a structure on your property lacks formal planning consent? Has Council sent you a stop work letter?

If so, it may be possible to gain retrospective consent through council. We can assess your illegal building work to determine if it will meet the required criteria for planning consent. We can then prepare the application and organise the required submission documentation for you. We’ll even deal directly with Council on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Variation to Planning Consent
Have DA consent but would like to change your floor plan? These can often be limiting. We can provide you with all the information you need to understand the options available to you. We can advise you on the chances of being able to lodge a modification to consent.

Change of Use
Looking to open a cafe, grocery store or nail salon in new premises? Maybe open a different type of business to what was previously on that site? Or, you’re a landlord wanting to make your property more attractive to potential tenants?

We can prepare and submit your development application for council approval on your behalf to secure the planning permission you need. This means you’re free to focus on your business without being tied up with all the red tape of council.

Design, Access And Planning Statements
Our approvals service includes the preparation of planning reports, Design and Access Statements to support your development proposal. These statements are required for some development applications and are documents that address specific planning criteria within zoning codes. They demonstrate how your development proposal will impact upon the locality. This includes the built and natural environments surrounding your site and its practical functionality for those who will benefit from it.

We also complete Planning Statements where required. These are more technical in nature and specifically address how the proposal complies with the Development Control Plan.

Council approval for your new home

Project Management
Your council application may require the input from consultants from a variety of different disciplines, including structural engineers and surveyors. We have the knowledge and industry resources to effectively manage and engage external consultants, certifiers and architects. We’ll work with you to help stream-line the whole development application process.

How to get council approval for your home, business or property development

As Council Approval specialists, we work on all types of construction projects to get planning permission. Our professional experience with Local Planning Authorities means you get the expertise needed so your project has the best chance of gaining a smooth and speedy consent. We work throughout New South Wales, with offices in Parramatta and Hornsby.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient service, whilst giving you complete peace of mind with your council approvals.

What do I need to do first?

The first step is to determine the best planning pathway for your proposed development and what documents will be needed to support your planning application.

This is because you need to submit a completed development application form together with the supporting documents that the council asks for. Depending upon your site and local government area, these may include:

  • Architectural Drafted Plans
  • Survey Plan
  • Engineering and Structural Adequacy Report
  • Landscape Design
  • Storm Water/ Hydraulics Plan
  • Accessibility Report
  • Heritage Report
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • BAL Certificate or Bush Fire Report
  • Waste Management Plan
Council approvals for my house

How Long Will My Council Approval Take?

Ultimately, the time taken from submission date to receiving a response from your council can vary, depending on the complexity of your building project, your site, the zoning and other site conditions. There are also other factors that determine how quickly your proposed development gets approved. These include the local government area you live in, the assessing officer who handles your application and the relevant planning codes.

One important key to a speedy and successful building application is to lodge the proposal with all the required supporting documentation. While town planning is a technically-based discipline, complying with planning policy also plays a large role in securing planning consent for your project. 

By applying for your building approvals with our experienced team of certifiers, town planners and building designers, you can save yourself the time, frustration and hassle of endless paperwork and council red tape. So, if you’re looking to extend your home or develop your property, let us do all the hard work. We can help navigate your proposed development through the complex web of planning bureaucracy so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy.

Call us or fill in our online inquiry form to discover how we can make the council approval process faster and easier for you. You can also email us your plans, site information or sketches to: plans @ ecltec.com and we’ll get straight back to you.

We’re here to help you with your Planning Approvals. No stress!