What's the difference between CDC and DA?

Are you wondering what’s the difference between CDC and DA? And, which one is the best planning approvals process is for your new project? Well, read on to find out more about which planning pathway is right for your development!

Private Certifiers and Complying Development

CDC combines local council planning consent with the construction and occupation certificates to fast-track straightforward development applications through the approval process.

Several factors will determine whether your proposed development can proceed under Development Application or be approved through Complying Development Certificate.

Generally, straight-forward new building and renovation projects can be designed to comply with the relevant NSW state government planning codes for complying development. On the other hand, a complex build or a challenging development site may require Development Approval from your local Council.

The planning rules for building approvals through Complying Development are the same for all local council areas in NSW. This allows low-impact developments to bypass the local council for planning consent. This saves you valuable time and money! At All Plan Approvals, our private certifiers fast-track your CDC for your property development to ensure a speedy, stress-free approval.

Development Approval From Council

Alternatively, a DA is two-step process. It is a merit-based planning assessment which is applied for through your local council. In some instances, planning consent for your development can only be obtained through your council. This includes unapproved building works. Unlike CDC, Council has the discretion to grant DA consent for developments which fall outside the planning guidelines.

Your DA will include information which describes the purpose of your proposed development and what it will look like once completed. This includes your choice of materials and finishes and any likely impact on the neighbouring area. There may also be specific requirements you need to supply with your DA. These will depend on your site, zoning and your local government planning controls. Information can include reports, studies or approval from other regulatory authorities.

So, this means that when you are looking to get planning approval for your building project or business, you may have two options. These are a Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

The best approval process for your proposed development will depend upon a number of criteria, including:

  • The local government area you are proposing to build in
  • The type of development you are planning to develop, for example, a new home, shop or café.
  • The site and zoning restrictions where you plan to develop
  • Your time-frame

What Are Next Steps To Get Started?

Planning approvals can sometimes be a long and overwhelming journey.

So, now that you better understand the difference between CDC and DA, the next step is to find out how you can get your planning approvals done for you without the stress of dealing with council.

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