NSW is in the throes of a building boom!

While the COVID-19 pandemic briefly slowed the pace of development in NSW, the demand in the housing market to build or improve residential property has risen sharply over this past year.

Exacerbated by the pandemic, the construction boom has also placed increased demands on the State’s 128 local councils and their already busy staff.

Which is why our streamlined town planning services can help with your proposed project to improve and simplify the approvals process.

“Following the onset of COVID, I think having the planning approvals process online is now a highly valuable service,” says Ella from All Plan Approvals. “And, by streamlining this process, the improved time efficiencies for faster submissions of DA applications and a more affordable service will ensure total peace of mind for our clients.”

Our digitized development approvals process, aligned with current industry best practices, better reflects local council procedures by improving coordination between consultants, draftsmen and planning services.

And, streamlining key building approvals tasks means speedier development application submissions and planning outcomes.