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ECL Technology Group Pty Ltd (The Supplier) Trading as All Plan Approvals

Submission of development proposal and/or preparation of documentation, plans, statements and reports for proposed development and submission to certifier and/or council for planning consent for proposed development.

Scope of Services:

The Supplier will provide the Customer with the following Services from the commencement date to the completion date:

– Preparing proposals for the delivery of planning/building projects.

– Liaising with local councils, certifiers, state government agencies and other regulatory authorities to assist the client with submission for consideration for planning consent.

– Assisting the customer with proposed development approval/outcomes.

– One submission of documents to council/certifier. Fees apply for re-submission/re-printing for any reason.

– May include co-ordinating, preparing and ordering the documents for lodgement for certifier/council submission, as required. (May include reports, BASIX, surveys, architectural drawings, engineering plans and other documentation from consultants and contractors to property owners) except where Client provides documents, including drafted plans, to ECL Technology Group Pty Ltd trading as All Plan Approvals.

Outside Scope of Work

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service Fee is exclusive of any fees, bonds, permits, plans and Disbursements payable to third parties by the Supplier in respect of the provision of the Services.

Fees and Disbursements payable by customer under this agreement as at the commencement Date include but are not limited to:

– Council and/or certifier fees, permits, bonds, license fees, pre-DA meetings

– Courier, printing, postage.

– Consultant fees, plans, drawings and surveys, site inspections, utilities

– Site visits

-Additional applications for modification to DA

– Sydney Water Building Plan Approval

Service Fee

The Service Fee in respect of the Services is based on the scope and assumptions as briefed by customer/lead provider. The Customer acknowledges that the Service Fee will change if the scope and assumptions are altered.

Should the DA/CC/OC/CDC/BIC applications require modification, a fee for service will be payable, as applicable.

A re-inspection fee may be charged for issue of any additional Occupation Certificates. An additional Council statutory lodgement fee will be required.

The Service Fee covers the inspections as per listed on your approval documents (once approval has been issued) at the Schedule of Mandatory Inspections. If re-inspections are required (for example, due to works not being completed properly) then an additional fee will be charged.

Quotations/fee proposals are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

Payment Schedule: Pre-payment is required prior to commencement of preparation of documents and submission to approval bodies. Payment plans, if approved by the Supplier, will attract an administration service fee. Any delays caused by payment schedules are the responsibility of the Customer.

Key Assumptions The Client acknowledges and agrees that:

– the Supplier relies on the accuracy and completeness of the information and documents provided by the Customer/Representatives to the Supplier. Approvals process and development consent is subject to assessment of final documentation and determination by consent authorities.

– it has made full and frank disclosures of all relevant facts and circumstances to the Supplier, to assist the Supplier with the provision of the Services, and

– the Supplier takes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information and documents provided by the Customer or the information and documents submitted to Third Parties as required to perform the provision of Services. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all documents supplied by them are accurate, correct and compliant with all applicable planning codes and building standards. The customer accepts full responsibility for any delays caused by incorrect or inaccurate documents, plans and reports they supply to All Plan Approvals.

– ECL Technology Group Pty Ltd trading as All Plan Approvals provides no guarantee that consent can be granted in all instances. Where our services relate to council approvals, while all the efforts are made to assist you with the council approval process, ECL Technology Group Pty Ltd, trading as All Plan Approvals, its directors, employees and contractors have no control over and cannot guarantee the positive outcome of the application, the nature of conditions of consent imposed by council on approval or the duration of this process.

– Payment of fees is deemed acceptance of this Agreement. 

– Where Customer provides documents, including architectural plans, Customer is responsible to co-ordinate all documents supplied to ECL Technology Group Pty Ltd trading as All Plan Approvals so they are compliant, complete and accurate.

– Consultants, Council staff/Certifiers may access your site for inspection/document preparation at their convenience.

– The Customer agrees to communicate and treat all staff and consultants with courtesy and respect at all times. Threats of any kind will result in termination of agreement without refund.


This Agreement may be terminated by written notice in the event of a material breach of the agreement or an insolvency event occurs. The Customer must pay immediately all outstanding Service Fee, Disbursements and other amounts owing. Any fees paid by the Customer to the Supplier are non-refundable except as required by law.