Our Council and Certifier building approvals can guide your planning project through the entire planning consent process by preparing and lodging all your plans, reports and submission documents on your behalf. 

Experienced, efficient, All Plan Approvals can handle all your architectural drawings, council reports, bushfire, flood, Heritage Impact Statements, Sydney Water applications, Council forms and permits that you need to get your building approvals. 

Other planning documents we can prepare for your project include:                                                                                                                                                   

  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SoEE)                                                                     
  • BASIX Certificates
  • Access Reports
  • Bushfire and BAL Certificates
  • Flood Study
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Desktop Town Planning Investigations Reports for Development 

A Plan of Management report is prepared to submit with a development application for planning approval for the operation and management of a Child Care Centre.

A Plan of Management will aim to identify appropriate strategies and procedures to address operational elements of the pre-school facility. Noting that an application is for a child care centre means this will need to be followed by a detailed plan of management once the future operator of the facility is known.

Planning approvals and Plan of Management reports for child care centres in NSWA plan of management is an accepted concept in environmental law and can be used in a range of circumstances. It assists in addressing a better understanding of the proposal and the way in which it is proposed to operate.

It is important to note that a Plan of Management will require ongoing revision to reflect operational needs and may need to be updated to reflect any DA conditions of consent imposed by the local Council.

A Plan of Management needs to be carefully thought out to ensure that centre-based child care facilities offer a wide variety of age-appropriate resources aimed at extending and enriching the children’s learning. The pre-school centre’s philosophy needs to demonstrate how it proposes to challenge each child’s thinking, promote small group interactions and play experiences whilst guiding their learning in collaboration with the curriculum.

How Much Does A DA Cost In NSW?

Generally, local councils adopt the fees as set by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

For instance, if your proposed DA development is estimated to cost $500,000, the application fee payable would be $1745. Council’s fees do not include the drafted plans, site survey, town planning or architect’s fees, consultants’ fees, the construction and occupation certificates.

What Is The Next Step Once My DA Is Approved?

Once development consent has been granted for the concept design under DA, the next step in the planning approval process is the preparation of your construction documents. These will include structural engineering drawings, Sydney Water Building Plan Approval and other documents which may be required depending upon your proposed development, local council area and site conditions.

Once the required documentation has been completed, your Construction Certificate can be issued by our private building certifiers. Building works can then commence on site.